Area Gradings

December 2010

A big well done to all the Juniors in the area that took their gradings during December. You all worked hard and the standard was very good.

It is brilliant to see Harry Nugent, George Nugent, Lewis Butler, Kirsten Wales and Shauna Radford all get to yellow belt. Next grading should see several others get to yellow too.

Congratulations also go to Ashley French on getting his senior 5th kyu and to Nicola Cartwright on passing her grading and being promoted to senior 4th kyu.

There were also several grades awarded at our annual Christmas party some to the surprise of the recipients. So again more congratulations go to Shannon Stevenson for junior blue, James Marriott for senior brown and especially to Ian Crichton on his 1st Dan.

There were also two very special 4th Dan grades awarded on that night. One to Sensei Paul Robinson for judo and other to Sensei Darren Weaver for karate. Very well done to them both for achieving such high grades.

Next year promises to be see the standard of martial arts in the area continue to rise so we look forward to lots more hard work and dedication from all. And once more congratulations to you all and thanks for all the hard work you have obviously been putting in.